Wikis are a great way to collaborate with people from all over the world. We used one at the beginning of the semester as a way to better acquaint ourselves with the entire class. The most well known wiki is Wikipedia while this is a great easy way to find out information there is a new wiki that may be taking its place soon. This wiki is Qwiki. It is a multimedia encyclopedia that contains millions of entries. It basically is the multimedia version of Wikipedia.

According to Richard Byrne in the blog post Wow! Qwiki is Engaging written on January 26, 2011 he has been very impressed with Qwiki. This was written just days after it was first released to the world. He describes Qwiki as being full of entries that are narrated, illustrated, and interactive. As I mentioned before the site has over three million entries already. Qwikis allow you to watch, listen, and read about a topic all at the same time. As you watch your Qwiki you will notice that there several related entries that Qwiki has picked out for you to watch if you choose. Since it is a wiki registered users can suggest images or videos that they think will improve the entries. As of right now registered users cannot create their own entries but in the future Qwiki looks to allow users to do this much like Wikipedia does with its registered users.

Richard Byrne recently published a new blog post on March 13, 2012 entitled Create Multimedia References with Qwiki Creator. Qwiki Creator is still only an invite only option on Qwiki, but it allows users to create their own multimedia reference stories. Users have the option to create their story using a variety of videos, maps, texts, images, and even their own narration for the story.

I have embedded a YouTube video that introduces Qwiki right before it was made public.

Qwiki has received some major support from both the general public and educators. In a post by a non-educator Qwiki is described as being simple. The viewer is allowed the opportunity to relax and be less interactive while the information is delivered. This simplification makes it great for any user. Educators are also in support of Qwiki. In an teacher’s post she describes Qwiki as being very useful. She says it makes it easier for students with reading problems because they can listen to the material instead of reading it. She also plans to use it in conjunction with lessons on research methods and validation of internet sources with her students.

When it comes to education Qwiki is a great tool. It is full of all different kinds of information. The way that the information is presented is much more engaging than that of a regular textbook. By letting users create their own entries then there are more things that can be done with students. Teachers can have their students create Qwikis as a way to present information to the class. Qwiki is the future of wikis and I would not be surprised if it becomes more popular than Wikipedia.

They have even released an Ipad app for Qwiki.

I know that as a future high school history teacher I think Qwiki will be very useful. It allows students to learn information in more unconventional ways. I also think that having a student make Qwikis can be a substitute for presentations or other forms of reports. How do you think you would be able to use Qwiki in your classroom?

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15 Responses to Qwiki

  1. Emmie C. says:

    Patrick, it was very interesting reading about Qwiki. I chose to read your blog post because we had done so much as a class about wikis and I enjoyed learning about this multimedia of Wikipedia. Qwiki seems like a very useful and simple tool that has been extremely beneficial for teachers. I feel like students would really have fun with the program Qwiki Creator, and it would be a great way to explore their imagination. As future teachers, we can use Qwiki to provide useful information and make learning much more enjoyable for students.

  2. Katie R. says:

    Patrick, great blog post about Qwiki! I like how the students do not have to be as interactive while learning about information on the Qwiki than they do while on the Wiki. Sometimes, students get tired and I think that this tool would really help them absorb information while not having to do too much. Qwiki seems like a unique and interesting tool. I am excited to use this in my classroom in the years to come!

  3. Holly G. says:

    Because I am also a future high school history teacher, I agree fully with your assessment that it will be useful in the classroom. I realize that some of my students will not have the reading level that would allow them to read a large number of articles and pieces about a specific event or person in history, and I believe that giving them multimedia representations will help them not only learn but also understand because it has both visual and audio characteristics. Also, because it seems like, at least now, only the people in charge of the site are able to post, it might be seen as a little more scholarly than Wikipedia might be. Therefore, it might actually be a site students could use for information without being afraid of it being inaccurate. Regardless, it will give students an easy way to learn the major details of a moment in history and provide supplemental material to include in a lesson. Thanks for showing me this potentially useful tool!

  4. Maddy R. says:

    Patrick, this was a great post. Wikipedia has a plethora of information that we always turn to when we are looking for answers on the go, but when it comes to finding images and videos, we normally just stick to Google and Youtube. Now, using Qwiki, we can not only find images and videos, but we can also gain knowledge and learn new things at the same time. It provides students and teachers a fun and easy way to find information that they might need to take their understanding of a concept or an event beyond the normal textbook script. Even as a math teacher I can see my students using Qwiki to discover new methods and techniques to solving problems. It seems applicable to all subjects, which is very beneficial to teachers.

  5. Hilary S. says:

    Patrick, this is a great post! I really enjoyed learning about Qwiki. I can definitely imagine myself incorporating Qwikis into my curriculum when I’m a teacher. As Maddy said, Qwiki seems like a great way to find images and videos that are educationally relevant to topics taught in our classes. It provides students and teachers with another medium to teach and learn about topics together. Like the example of William Shakespeare that you provided in your post, I think Qwikis could come in very handy when teaching students about key historical figures. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Meagan W. says:

    Great post, Patrick! It was very informative and I loved how you had multiple links and videos involved with your post! As a teacher this will be a great resource! Besides having students read about a topic or have me present a boring power point, a Qwiki will be great at presenting the information in a fun, unique way that remains educational! The only negative thing I have about this resource is that the voice could use some improvement, it is still very robotic (which is understandable). I loved that you could click on each image and it would link you to where it was located on the internet. This is a great resource for teachers and students. It is informative as well as fun. Thank you for sharing this great tool! I have received so many great ideas for my future teaching from reading everyones post!

  7. Madison L says:

    This blog was excellent! I feel like i really learned a great deal about this tool, specifically because of this blog and the way that you worded it was very easy to follow. The fact that this tool is essentially a very interactive wiki completely blows my mind. It seems like the amount of information that is posted on here is incredible and there are so many topics that i could just search up and literally find thousands of things about one topic. I would love for my future students to use this tool so that they could attain a better understanding of what they are supposed to be learning and they could do so in a very unique and fun way.

  8. Kendall C says:

    Patrick, I think this is my favorite tool that we’ve talked about so far in the class! I really liked your blog and also the YouTube video you posted along with it that taught more information about Qwiki. I especially like that you can click on one image or page and then it brings you to another one. This tool reminds me of like a dream Robot of the future that you just ask a question and it spits out just the right information. I really like it and I think it’ll be helpful for our students who want to click and explore around in an interactive, colorful way. I also like that when you put a phrase into the search engine it brings up a wide variety of sources so that you can click on the one you want. For example, when “Shakespeare” was entered, the person got author information, play information, and other general information. That way if you don’t really know a lot about something, you’re learning holistically. Finally, the website reading words and describing images out loud gives it an extra advantage for students who struggle focusing, don’t understand the language and perhaps are learning English, or have reading, writing, vision, hearing, or other disabilities. It’s a pretty all-encompassing tool. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sarah C says:

    Patrick I really like your post! I think the Qwicki is a really good tool for any teacher to incorporate into any classroom. So many students learn in different ways, some visually, some with audio, and this resource is great to appeal to all types of learners with information that they can understand in the way they comprehend best.

  10. Anna H. says:

    Great post, Patrick! I feel like in class we’ve learned a lot about the prevalence of wikis nowadays, and I think that Qwiki sounds like a great tool that takes the traditional wiki to the next level. Multimedia is a great tool to use in the classroom, as it seems to grasp the attention of young students much better than plain writing in a textbook or on a website. Like Sarah said, I think that the multimedia aspect appeals to all types of learners due to its wide variety of methods of teaching (audio, video, text, etc.). I also love the idea of it being somewhat interactive — the fact that teachers can have their students create their own Qwikis is a great additional tool!

  11. Hannah D. says:

    This was a great post Patrick! I think Qwiki sounds like an awesome tool to use in the classroom. I really like how you mentioned that it is useful for students with reading disabilities. I think it’s great that they can listen to it! I like how it is engaging, and I think it is a really fun and unique way for students to learn! I think it helps keep their attention too, and it could help with the not so interesting stuff they have to learn. I also think that the multimedia aspect adds a lot of great character to the tool, because it appeals to all ages! Great post, I liked learning about Qwiki!

  12. Erin M. says:

    Patrick, I’m glad that I read your post and learned about Qwiki, but from the sound of it, it sounds like soon enough one way or another I would have been exposed to it. I think the idea around it is great and now that I have learned about its multimedia aspect, I am surprised that it wasn’t already created. I agree with what you said that it will soon be bigger than Wikipedia. As the teacher you mentioned stated, it is so useful specifically in education because so many people do not learn best from simply reading. I personally know that if I am researching something and I come to a page full of a million words, I skip it and look for another site with pictures or videos because I need something like that to fully understand a concept. There are countless ways in which this tool would be beneficial in the classroom, thanks for showing us it!

  13. Anna K. says:

    Patrick, this was a very interesting post! Qwiki seems like a very interesting tool that I would love to look into. All this new technology is amazing to me, I never thought I would hear about making presentations to the class this way, but it seems like a fun more engaging way to present to the class. I agree with Erin where she says that she skips a page that has a lot of words on it and just tries to find a video that explains things more clearly. Great post, Patrick!

  14. Kyle W. says:

    I think this is a really great idea! It appeals to me because it allows for a multi-modal approach, which our classes always tell us is the way to go. I like that you brought up how it could be useful to students who have difficulty reading; I also see it as a way to appeal to students who might be more visual or auditory learners. Any tool that allows for easy differentiation is a great asset!!

  15. Hollyz says:

    Pat, this was a great post about Qwikis! I had never heard of them until now, but can definitely see myself using them in a future classroom. I love the interactivity they incorporate. Unlike Wikipedia it offers a lot more. One part I really liked is that it can be useful for struggling leaders to get a visual of or listen to information presented. I also think that Qwiki would do a better job of engaging students that Wikipedia with all that it offers on a topic. Qwiki also seems somewhat more reliable in that not just anyone can post what they want on the site. I agree with you that Qwiki could very likely become more popular than Wikipedia. Great job Pat, this is definitely a tool I can see myself using in a future classroom!

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