Google Presentations and PowerPoints

Have you ever been involved in a group project?  If so, you know how difficult it can be to gather together in order to work on a presentation.  Now-a-days, it seems that everyone has such busy schedules that it seems nearly impossible to take an hour out of your day to meet at a specific place and work on something that seems trivial; a PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is the most popular presentation tool, but after reading this blog post on Using Google Presentation instead of PowerPoint, I saw that Google Presentations just may make life a little easier for all of us busy bees out there.

When working with Google Presentations, you can personally chat via comments with your fellow group members, which allows for more collaboration among group members, which leads to a better presentation over all.  Below is a video of how collaboration works well among group members within Google Presentations.

If virtual collaboration with group members is not enough for you to enjoy Google Presentation’s tools, then maybe the fact that it is online and saves by itself will be!  With Google Presentations, a student does not have to use a flash drive in order to save information and transfer it to another computer, they can simply just close out of the presentation, and just like that, it is saved!  In Microsoft’s PowerPoint, a student must save all their work and be able to put it onto a flash drive in order to make sure all data is correctly put onto another computer.  Since Google Presentations is all online, it helps us make our hectic lives just a little bit easier.  This being said, there are sites which allow slidesharing for PowerPoint.  The two most popular ones are: Slideshare and Authorstream which allow you to upload your PowerPoint presentation online and then be able to share it with a larger audience.  Below is an example of a PowerPoint presentation uploaded into Slideshare.  It was created by Michael Billera and is called: Symbols of the United States of America.

With these sites, you can put your presentations into blog posts (just like I did above!), Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Using these sites, you can also embed YouTube videos into your presentation. Below is a video discussing Authorstream and Slideshare.

Overall, there are positives and negatives to both Google Presentations and Microsoft PowerPoint.  Based on what the main interest is, these presentation tools can attract different types of educators.  PowerPoint has stronger capabilities, which allows it to have fancier presentations.

If you are looking for a high-tech looking presentation with many different effects, I would suggest PowerPoint, but if you are in a group and working on a project that does not require high-tech, then Google Presentations is the most efficient one to go with.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Presentations and what it offers, I suggest that you check out the Lynda course on Google Docs.  It has videos in chapters 9 & 10 which guide you through the presentation process.

Have you had experiences with both PowerPoint and Google Presentations? Was there one that you particularly liked better?  If so, why did you like it more than the other?

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17 Responses to Google Presentations and PowerPoints

  1. Anna K. says:

    I use google presentations all the time and love it. You are so right when you say that it can be difficult to get a group together to work on a powerpoint and if you are able to get everyone together then one person ends up doing the whole thing because only one person can work on it at a time. It is also much easier to embed a video onto Google than it is to on powerpoint, which is a selling point for me because I love to add a video to my slides if it pertains to what I am presenting on. Google presentations currently lacks good slide designs and transitions, so that is something they could improve but overall I like Google better than powerpoint because of the convenience it provides.

  2. Anna H. says:

    I am a huge fan of using Google Presentations for group projects, but I love this post because I feel that I’ve learned even more about a tool that I’ve just begun to utilize! I know a handful of the basics for Google Presentation, but some of the tools, such as the ability to collaborate through chats/comments, were ones that I had never heard about. Now I’m looking forward to using those tools in my group projects as well! I think that Google Presentations is a great resource for use in the classroom, and will help students become more motivated with group projects, something that I feel has lost a lot of interest in recent years. Great post!

  3. Christiana C. says:

    Great post Katie! I love the idea of using Google Presentations for group projects. I have never been a huge fan of group projects because I know how difficult it is to get everyone together to work. I myself have been that person who can’t make the meeting times scheduled, but with Google Presentations it is no longer an issue to try and get the whole group together. We can all work from where we are! I also love that you can retrieve something that might have gotten deleted during the process. It’s like being able to command-Z but instead of just changing the most recent mistakes you have made, you can find any information you might have deleted. I think that its only a matter of time until Google Presentation takes over.

  4. Emmie C. says:

    Katie, very interesting post! I definitely agree with you when you say it’s difficult to get a group together for a group project, or making sure that everyone is equally contributing to the project. Now a days, everyone has different schedules and is so busy it’s almost impossible to set a time that everyone in the group can meet. Because our generation is so advanced in technology, this tool is extremely beneficial to us as students now, and us as future teachers. I enjoyed learning about the two sites Slideshare and Authrostream; both interesting websites that allow you to upload your powerpoint for a bigger audience. I’ve always enjoyed creating PowerPoints for class because I feel that it is one of the best ways to do a presentation; however, Google Presentations take PowerPoints to a whole new level through collaboration.

  5. Emily D says:

    I was completely unaware of Google Presentations until a few weeks ago, when I used it for a group project. Following that experience, I checked out the Google Presentation videos for this class. I then used Google Presentations for a class presentation just a few days later. So I am glad that I am now on the ball in terms of the latest presentation technology. Nevertheless, it seems that I can learn more! I’m glad that you focused your post on using both Google Presentations and PowerPoint, and collaborating with them, because I think this is the step many people will take. I know that I am more comfortable with PowerPoint, but after reading your post, and experiencing Google Presentations myself, I see the benefits of using both! Thank you for describing the two sites Slideshare and Authrostream as well, because it seems to enrich the collaboration even more. Great post!

  6. Meagan W. says:

    Great post Katie! I was unaware of Google Presentations until the other week after doing my review on this from reading the Fall CIS class blog. It is so difficult to try and get a group together and as important as I think it is for groups to physically meet and prepare for a presentation, this can be used to get the majority of the work/ actual power point created. Google presentation allows for collaboration between a group more than 4 people huddled around one computer screen with one person doing all the work. I am interested in trying this out in the future along with all the convinces that will come with it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Elizabeth L. says:

    Good job Katie! I have used Powerpoint for many of my class presentations, because like you said, it has a lot of great features that make the presentation unique. However, it can be very difficult to complete group presentations so I would definitely consider using Google Presentations when trying to collaborate with others. Like Anna said, I think sometimes students become discouraged about group projects because of the added stress of having to cooperate with others and designate meeting times that work for everyone with their busy schedules. However, Google Presentations gets rid of that stress and makes group projects an effective method for presenting information. Great post!

  8. Kyle W. says:

    This is really interesting to me, especially because I just started using Google Presentations to work on collaborative projects! I found that having this collaborative authorship option was a great way to make sure that everyone could access the slides and information, and make changes in real time instead of emailing slides back and forth. That being said, I struggled with the fact that Google Presentation didn’t seem as “high tech” as PowerPoint–I had no idea that slideshare existed! I definitely plan to try using that in the future, so that I can utilize both the effects and “fancy” things about PowerPoint and the collaborative nature of the internet!

  9. Sydney B. says:

    This is a very useful tool. I agree that finding time to work on a group project is nearly impossible. For a project I am doing in one of my classes currently, we have not met once all together. However, we meet “virtually” and share ideas using Google Presentation. I did not know about all of the websites you can use to show your presentation publicly. Google Presentation is definitely a tool that anyone can use. I think that students would enjoy it because they could all be at their own computer. Also, it makes sure one person does not monopolize the project and that everyone can contribute!

  10. Riley K says:

    Wow! I never knew you could do so much Google presentation. i always seem to have time problems or conflicts with my group members on meeting up. Usually i just have to e-mail them what I’ve done and then they send me back their parts. Collaborating with working on the project while in different locations seems like such a useful tool. I wish i had known about this early in the year. In the classroom i will definitely be showing my students this so if they can not meet up with their group members and work on a project they can at least talk through Google presentation. i like also how you don’t have to use a flash drive in order to save the changes but simply has to close out of the presentation and it saves by itself.

  11. Kate H. says:

    Katie, Google Presentation is an awesome tool! I actually used it last year to create a group presentation and found it very cool that we could all be working on it at once, rather than taking turns typing or even meeting at all. Also, I’ve had problems sending Powerpoints via email because they were too big or it contorted the layout so having the Google Presentation online makes life a lot easier! I agree with Sydney that students would love this tool because they can all be simultaneously contributing and don’t have to take turns.

  12. Kaitlin L. says:

    “If you are looking for a high-tech looking presentation with many different effects, I would suggest PowerPoint, but if you are in a group and working on a project that does not require high-tech, then Google Presentations is the most efficient one to go with.”

    I think you summed up the two tools perfectly here. I usually go with the flashy PowerPoint (especially now that I have learned to do all the cool things like embed audio and video), but I can definitely see the benefits of Google Presentations. Also, Google could be really helpful with kids working on group projects, even if they are all working on it at the same time, like when the class is in the computer lab. They could each work on separate parts of the presentation, or comment on each other’s work, allowing them to get the presentation finished more effectively. That way, the teacher doesn’t have to book the computer lab for as many days. 🙂

  13. Sarah C says:

    I like how you compared Google Presentation and Power Point. I personally have always used Power Point, however for my most recent presentation, my group decided to use Google Presentation so we could collaborate without meeting daily. I think the most interesting feature of this tool is that you can upload your Power Point slides to Google Presentation without having to change any of the format. Great post with great information!

  14. Holly G. says:

    I thought it looked like Google Presentations has a lot of potential. I really like how a lot of the modern online tools are making efforts to allow more simultaneous collaboration, unlike the Wikis we worked on earlier in the semester. I also like how you can basically chat in the window when you’re creating the presentation. I think this great because you can discuss issues and ideas with one another without being in person, which is really helpful in group projects. Texting, email, and phone conversations can be complicated, time consuming, and inconvenient. I think this feature, especially because it does not require the user to go back and for between windows, is great. I am definitely considering using it in my classroom for any collaborative projects because the ability of my students to work on it together separately. Also, if we were working on it in class, the ability for them to discuss it over chat would greatly decrease the noise level and reduce distraction from group to group, which was a problem a lot of groups I was in in high school had problems with. Great tool – thanks for sharing!

  15. Hannah D. says:

    Great post Katie! I am a huge fan of Google Presentations! Group projects are definitely one of my least favorite things, especially when I don’t have time to meet up with a group! Everyone has such busy schedules! I also like that you can access Google Presentations anywhere you have email. That way, when you need to access your presentation, and realize you don’t have your computer, you can still access it from other computers because it is not just saved on my computer. I think this will also teach students a lot of good lessons about working together, because if you assign each student a part, than you know that one person in the group isn’t doing all the work. It makes students responsible for their work and teachings them cooperation when working with their peers. I really like Google Presentations! Great post!

  16. Madison L says:

    I thought this blogpost was excellent! After reading your blogpost I definitely want to start using Google Presentations more. I always use either Powerpoint or Prezi but this tool is really unique in the way that you can fully collaborate with your peers however, I think Powerpoint does have a more aestethic appeal to it but regardless both are awesome tools for students as well as teachers to use for several different presentations. Considering that this is a very cooperative tool, students will be able to work together effeiciantly and will be very productive and not have to hassle with meeting up somewhere or losing things because it will all be there online.

  17. Alex H. says:

    I’m always impressed with what Google can be used for. There have been so many times where I’ve had a group presentation and offered to do the powerpoint on my own because it is so much easier to work on it when you’re the only one sitting at the computer. With Google Docs, my groups will be able to collaborate to create better presentations, so that everyone is involved, and no one is surprised with the final result.

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