Study Blue: The Next Generation of Studying

Have you ever been studying for an exam, test, or quiz, and wondered what other people are studying? Have you ever wanted to be able to share your notes and study guides with another person and see what they have been studying as well? If you are anything like me, I always like to see what other people are doing when it comes to preparing for some sort of test or quiz. Why only study your flash cards when you can study everyone’s flash cards on a given topic? This short video briefly gives you the gist of what this tool is all about.

With StudyBlue you can create your own flash cards and study from your iPhone or iPad, computer, or Android phone whenever you want, no matter where you are.  You can choose to quiz yourself, or look at your flash cards in the format of a review sheet. Another plus of using StudyBlue is that once you create your own flash cards, by default a ton of other flash cards on that topic will come up. These other flash cards have been created by other members of the StudyBlue community. The person has the choice to put only some, or all of the other related flashcards with their own collection if they wanted. The site is extremely user friendly- all you have to do is make an account with your name, school, and e-mail. Once you have done this you have created your “digital backpack”. Once your digital backpack has been created you can immediately start using the site by typing in the topic you want and either define it yourself, or you can scroll down and choose to view someone else’s deck. If you put your mouse over the card you can see a person who has made a deck of flashcards on the topic that you wrote and choose to add it to your own, edit it, or simply view it.

A StudyBlue employer explains how the site monitors your progress

How do you know that you're learning? StudyBlue marks your progress so you can see what you need to improve on

Other great features about study blue include free apps for your phone, or computer that sync with the site so the student is continually learning. In addition to this, StudyBlue marks your progress to makes sure you are learning- every time that you mark a card right or wrong the site keeps track for you so that you can check yourscores for feedback.

After reading Dorene Bates’  blogpost on StudyBlue I learned that there are other ways students and teachers can incorporate study blue into other new technology tools. Teachers can link to flashcards from any type of class website, Moodle, Blackboard, pretty much anything!

Using StudyBlue allows students to work together by sharing materials and resources. ByExample flashcard sharing their information they can combine their efforts to gain perspectives on a a topic that they maybe didn’t have before. Viewing the flashcards that other students have made about the same topic could provide students with a new way to think about and remember the topic they’re studying. Overall, the possibilities that StudyBlue offers are endless when it comes to creating innovative and well constructed study guides. Teachers can use StudyBlue for tests by having the class create a study guide to ensure that they are focusing on the right material, and students can use it on their free time to make studying easier and more accessible. I definitely think that this is a great piece of technology to incorporate into learning inside and outside of the classroom. How do you think you’ll be able to use StudyBlue with your class? Have you used StudyBlue before? If so, have you found any good collections of flashcards?

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22 Responses to Study Blue: The Next Generation of Studying

  1. Kendall C says:

    This seems like a really cool resource. If you’re interested in study sites like this, there’s another one called “Quizlet” that’s really helpful! I think it’s cool for many of the same reasons you stated in your blog about StudyBlue. Anyways, StudyBlue seems cool because it’s something that’s like flashcards and study guides, which students like, but then provides a way to interact with it, which is where students lack sometimes. It seems like they’re so bored with their flashcards that they don’t want to actually study them afterwards, but if you could then trade with someone or interact with your work on the web there’d be a greater incentive to study and learn them. I could see myself using this in my classroom by having my students create StudyBlue accounts and each studying a part of a unit, and then using the site to study the other parts of the unit in review for an assessment. Great tool find!

  2. Anna H. says:

    Great post, Christiana! I really like the idea of having students use a resource like Study Blue for test preparation. I had never heard of it before reading your post, but I love the concept. I am a huge fan of study guides and flashcards, but it’s hard to compare notes with others to be sure you, as well as they, all have the right/enough information. I love that this makes it easier to share everyone’s resources, allowing you to study with much more material. I also really like the fact that teachers can use it as well, and help make sure that the study guides and flashcards created by students will help them to the best f their ability. This is a great tool, and one that I am now eager to learn more about!

  3. Allie W. says:

    Loved this post! As someone who always seems to be on the go, I love the idea of having my flashcards with me electronically on my phone no matter where I am. I always seem to have a few minutes here and there when I realize I could be studying, but am often waiting for a class to start or waiting for a friend to grab lunch and don’t have time to run home to get my study materials. I also really like how it suggests other cards you may want to use. I often get into a test and read a question and wish I’d thought to study that topic. With the suggestions of other cards it is much more likely that someone else will have thought of that and I will cover a wider variety of material.

  4. Hilary S. says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post! I definitely plan on using Study Blue, it seems like it could be a great tool for me! I’m always using note cards to help myself study, but like Allie said I don’t always have them with me. I really like that you can share your study guides with friends in your class, that could be really helpful come finals! This site seems pretty similar to Quizlet, which also creates virtual notecards. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Emmie C. says:

    Christiana, I thought your tool was so interesting! I plan on using Study Blue in the future, not only as a future teacher, but as a student. I am glad to know there is a new, extremely beneficial study tool out there that I can start to use. I’ve always been one to create notecards because I find that they really help me understand the material better; however, just as Allie and Hilary said, I do not always have them with me, which is why it is so great that Study Blue is offered on your phone or iPad. I really like the fact that Study Blue lets you see what other students are studying for the same test, which lets you get ideas from your classmates. I plan on using this tool and learning more about it for when I become a teacher!

  6. Emily D says:

    The resources available via technology these days is mind-blowing! I had no idea that sites like StudyBlue existed! I love the idea of having a study tool such as this as a resource. Obviously now I am interested in using it for my study habits, but I can also see using it for your students as a great way of incorporating technology in the classroom, in addition to allowing the class to use outside resources as tools for studying. I, like Emmie, always created note cards, but I often forgot them. If they are online, though, that means they are more easily accessible! The study guide aspect of it is useful as well because as a teacher, you could create one on StudyBlue and have your students read over it online, as opposed to giving them a hard copy. What a great find!

  7. Meagan W. says:

    Great post Christiana! I have never used StudyBlue before but it looks like an awesome resource that I can not only use now as a student but in my classroom as the teacher. Having this online resource allows you to study on the go. I, like other people have mentioned, am a big user of flash cards but study blue will allow me to get more use out of making them because I can look at it on my cell phone– short break in between classes, waiting for a meeting, ect you can pull up the online flashcards instead of having to carry around a huge stack. as a teacher of elementary school, I could use this to guide students studying and students could work together virtually to prepare for an assessment. I have never used StudyBlue before but I plan to try it out before my next test. Great resource that we can all benefit from now and in the future as a teacher!

  8. Elizabeth L. says:

    This was a really great post Christiana! I think that this tool would be a really great thing to use in the classroom no matter what level you are teaching. I know that I use flashcards for a lot of my classes because it helps me really test what I know before an exam. The fact that students can add other elements to their flashcards like images would be really useful as a way to help remember the information. The best part is how students can collaborate and share notes, sort of like a study session with the entire class. I think that I could use it in my classroom for all different subjects and as a way to help my students make sure they are studying the right information in an effective way. Great job!

  9. Sydney B. says:

    Great post, Christiana! Study Blue saved my life freshman year! I used it for my italian class. I would use it for vocab and it was so great because I could study in many different ways. I did not realize that you could use it on your iPod or iPad! That is an awesome advantage to study blue! I think that students would enjoy it because they can be tested in many different ways. Also, by being able to share tools, it is beneficial for everyone in the class. I love study blue and I learned much more about it from this post!

  10. Riley K says:

    Combining flash cards and study tools online sounds like a great idea. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had to met up with someone to study with them and discuss what we know, going back and forth with flash cards. Now, with this tool apparently all i have to do is type in words with their definitions and BOOM my flashcards are created and all my classmates can see them. Creating an account is very easy and simple so this could be useful in early middle school on-ward probably. Older students could probably use this with their phones too especially there are iphone apps for this which can connect the website to your phone. With other students adding to your class site then the body of knowledge broadens. I would introduce this to my students as a teacher too because it allows them to study together through the internet so they do not have to travel to each others houses.

  11. Kate H. says:

    Christiana, your post is extremely valuable, even to a college student! Study Blue seems like a great tool that we could use in our future classrooms, but also right now studying for finals or exams at Elon. The fact that you can access your flashcards on your phone and other devices is perfect for students on the go. Also, creating flashcards and study tools on the computer would save a lot of time because you wouldn’t have to write it all out and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing them. This is a great tool that I will definitley use – probably for my next test! Thanks!

  12. Patrick C says:

    I really enjoyed this post Christiana. Study Blue seems like a great tool for students. Its great that you can use other people’s study cards I like how there are free apps too so you can look at them on your phone or ipad. This tool seems to be great for all ages of students. I feel like I could really utilize this now as a student and later on when I become a teacher.

  13. Maddy R. says:

    Great post Christiana! I am definitely one of those people who likes to see what other people are using to study and share study guides in case I am missing anything. There is nothing more that I dislike than going into the classroom on test day and hearing someone talk about a term or concept that I did not study. StudyBlue seems like a great resource from both a teacher’s and student’s perspective. Teachers can introduce their students to this website to help them study for a test or quiz and to trade material and resources that they might be using for the test/quiz with each other. Like you said, they may all gain a whole new insight and opinion on a concept by looking at other students’ resources. It introduces them to a whole range of ideas and topics that they might have skipped over or seen as not important. It’s also great that the students can study and look at their notes on StudyBlue at anytime/anywhere, even on the go. No more worrying about lost papers or notebooks. This is a very useful tool that I think will be very helpful for our students.

  14. Madison L says:

    I thought this blogpost was very informative and eloquently written. I feel as though I have learned so much from reading this blogpost that i would want to use this tool.I always have problems studying for tests and cramming for them but now I can use this tool, making my life so much easier. I like how this tool is also incredibly easy and accessable to use and the fact that you can quiz yourself and make flashcards by using this tool is great. Also, the fact that one would use an iPhone or iPad in order to add information or make changes is suberb and I very much like the fact that students can share resources together if they are in need of help. I would surely use this tool in order to help my students learn better because i think this is a really great concept and students can learn to help each other out.

  15. Katie R. says:

    Great Post Christiana! I plan to not only use StudyBlue as a student here at Elon, but also for my future career as a teacher. It looks like a great way to generate knowledge between folks as well as a on-the-go kind of tool that allows you to take your studying anywhere without lugging around notecards! I like the fact that students can use this form of collaboration in order to gather their information together and make sure that everyone has quality notes to study from. As a teacher, this tool would be very useful to me because I could show the students how to share information with each other and then I would know that if they were using this site correctly, they would have all the proper information needed for the test! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Holly G. says:

    I think Study Blue sounds like a great tool, not just for my students but for me as a student as well. I always liked using flash cards to study, but it always took so long to make them it hardly seemed worthwhile. Not only am I much faster at typing than handwriting information, if the terms were posted online, I could just copy and paste the information and make the flashcards easily. I like how it asks if you got it right or wrong and can retest you in multiple ways (all the questions, only the ones you got wrong, etc) and that you can tell the program to remind to study if you want spread out the studying over a period of time. I know that I sometimes forget to start studying ahead of time because of the other work I have. If I had a reminder, it would make it much easier. Also, if there’s a lot of work to be done, students can collaborate and split up who writes up what. As a teacher, I may even be tempted to make my own study material for my students. Students may be more likely put time into studying when they don’t have to put the time into preparing the study materials. No matter what, as a teacher or student, I definitely plan on using Study Blue – I only wish I came across it sooner! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hannah D. says:

    Christiana, I totally think Study Blue is something I would use! I agree with you in that I always want to know what other people are studying, just to make sure I am picking out the important parts! I have trouble finding good methods to study, so when it is all laid out for me, it helps me a lot! I also really like that Study Blue keeps track of the progress you make. That feature would definitely help me out because I tend to forget what I have already studied, and then I waste my time studying the same thing over and over. I like that Study Blue gives you suggestions to study, because I tend to not pick all the important topics that are going to be on a test. I can definitely see myself using this really soon as a student, and when I become a teacher! Thanks for the great post!

  18. Rebecca S. says:

    I love this tool and I haven’t even used it yet! Flashcards always seem like a great study tool, but I rarely make them because I don’t like not having the option to see all the information in one spot. With Study Blue, I can have both! It is also great that you can see other flashcards made by other users. I really like that you can see the other flashcards, but can still choose which ones (if any) you want to add to yours. This is a great customizable tool for studying!

  19. Anna K. says:

    This seems like an awesome tool! This is something I will definitely look in to because whenever I am studying am get worried that I need to be studying more things or that I am studying the wrong things. The sharing option is so great because there are some students who make unbelievable study guides, which could be very helpful for other students to see. Great post Christiana!

  20. Alex H. says:

    This looks like a great tool for studying. Personally, I know that I always like to know what other people are studying so that I can get a better idea of what the test is going to be about. Here at Elon, everybody is so busy that it’s hard to actually get together and study for anything until finals. Study Blue seems like a great tool for getting around that issue. Using a program online will help, especially with the flashcards, because when I use flashcards, I’m the one who made them, and so I feel like I’m kind of cheating. It’s cool that Study Blue lets you see other people’s flashcards, too.

  21. Erin M. says:

    Christiana, I think this is a great tool! I have heard about people using online flash cards before but honestly didn’t really see the point, but after you explained all of the ways that students can collaborate and share their studying it seems like a great way to prepare students for a test. I think it would be a really good idea, as you said, for students to link post cards for exams on blackboard or something in order to help get their students ready on top of the traditional study guide. I think that this is something that I would definitely recommend for my future students and even my peers.

  22. Bryan L. says:

    StudyBlue looks like a pretty good tool. I like that you can access other people’s study cards.

    Another site I like for flash cards is That one also allows you to make printable flash cards, as well as quizzing yourself online. And you can use the flash cards from other users as well. You can also use the same word lists and make printable quizzes or word search puzzles, etc.

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