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“WhiteBoard Math Movies” AKA Mathcasts

How many of your students actually enjoy math? When do you really see your students jumping up for joy when it is time for math class or hear them saying that they love math? We have all been there–sitting at our … Continue reading

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Dabbleboard: The Collaborative Whiteboard

Do you enjoy drawing, but you aren’t as good of an illustrator as you’d like to be? Do you get frustrated with the amount of times you erase or cross out your pen or pencil marks? Do you wish you … Continue reading

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Do you ever wonder how teachers create all those games that get students excited about learning? Are you worried that as a teacher you won’t be able to find enough innovative ideas to keep your students engaged? Check out … Continue reading

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Using Flubaroo in the Classroom

Grading papers for a teacher is a process that goes on until the last day they ever teach. It is a tedious process which almost all teachers use to check their students progress and develop grades. It is an image … Continue reading

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