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Using Prezi in the Classroom

Many people are hearing about Prezi as it is becoming a popular tool for classrooms across all subjects and grade levels. It is a tool that can seem like a mix between interactive whiteboard and presentation slide technology as it allows … Continue reading

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I attended the NCTIES Conference with Professor Taylor in March, and I had the opportunity to learn about many great technology tools that could potentially be used in a classroom. One of these tools, TodaysMeet, was not even the main … Continue reading

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Study Blue: The Next Generation of Studying

Have you ever been studying for an exam, test, or quiz, and wondered what other people are studying? Have you ever wanted to be able to share your notes and study guides with another person and see what they have … Continue reading

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How to Use A Drop Box

How much do you use your computer for? How much do we expect our future students to use a computer for? With this push toward technology soon, students will be doing everything using some type of electronic device. However, what … Continue reading

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Dabbleboard: The Collaborative Whiteboard

Do you enjoy drawing, but you aren’t as good of an illustrator as you’d like to be? Do you get frustrated with the amount of times you erase or cross out your pen or pencil marks? Do you wish you … Continue reading

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iPads in Elementary school?!

Kindergartners using iPads…to learn? Am I the only one that finds this idea a little crazy? After skimming the blog, iPad Adventures at Lower School I began to see the advantages of using technology in the classroom, even to help … Continue reading

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Do you ever wonder how teachers create all those games that get students excited about learning? Are you worried that as a teacher you won’t be able to find enough innovative ideas to keep your students engaged? Check out … Continue reading

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